Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Talk about anticlimactic!

So sorry to disappoint the reader. But perhaps balance has been restored to the universe. This is what happened in my hotel bathroom while I was out today.... hope you're ready for this.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Hotel, Pt. 2

OK, so I was hoping my little Critter Cam experiment was going to turn up some really big theft of prescription medicine, netting me a free night's stay at the Sheraton. So far, I'm disappointed. Yesterday, by the way, my camera's battery died before they got in there to clean.

But today... I had two cameras going. I remembered that my tablet has a time lapse capability too. So... you can see here that these housekeeping women are honest and oblivious to the possibility that they could sell my Norco on the street for like $25 / pill. Of course it wouldn't do much for the whole Tampa drug community.... I traded the Norco for Tylenol.

Maybe tomorrow will be the jackpot!