Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who will play with me?

I am a child with a handful of moist clay
Tell me how you would most like to play, 
If it is not my soft, gritty delight
And I will gladly come to your table
Shall we cut and fold paper according to a more determined outline 
To see what origami crane might emerge?
Will it be finger-paints which are freeform but permanent? 
Should we draw with chalk so we can erase and even experiment 
With the negative images our hand makes as it wipes the slate
Or color with crayons inside the lines of shapes with no known origin? 
Should one of us draw a first line and the other add the second
Then trade back and forth until we have a complete picture today? 
Or do you want to pose for me as I paint what I see in you, or other way round? 
Do you want, today, to create alone, and at some time in the future 
Arrive with the surprise of our individual offerings invented in absence of
And at the same time in the deepest mindfulness of
Each other

 -author known